About Me

Marilyn Holt

Out of my gourd…

I started carving and decorating gourds in 2005 after picking up a book on gourd carving in the local library. I haven’t stopped since!

Being trained and having a business in massage therapy for over 20 years, I am drawn to all things tactile, and believe it or not, carving gourds has a lot to do with massaging people! Both require a keen eye and sense of what’s happening almost on the molecular level, just under the surface. And both practices are not only largely intuitive, but acts of love.

With each new gourd that I design, I try to use a new technique, which might range from using a certain type of material in an inlay (such as brass shavings), to blending inks and paints to create a certain effect. I love working with stone inlay, alcohol inks, and gold leaf, just to name a few techniques!

I hope you enjoy these creations as much as I have enjoyed crafting them.