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It's time to go back to school, in whatever form that means for you. This month, with every pen or pencil you buy, you get a free  4x4" paper pouch made with beautiful artisan crafted paper! 
These pouches are incredibly handy. They can be used to hold to-do lists, coupons, gift cards, postage stamps. business cards, Zentangle tiles and artists trading cards!
Unique, stylish, high-quality pens and pencils, lathe-turned at Spirited Touch Designs, in a wide assortment of materials such as wood and resin. Polished to a high shine. Express your own unique style when you choose yours!
See this Writing Instruments Resource Page for instructions in changing refills, cartridges or lead. 
Refills and cartridges and lead are available. See the item's description and link or refer to the Resource Page.
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