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Traveling to Arizona

Back in February, I made a trip to Scottsdale and Sedona, Arizona. The scenery is simply breathtaking and nothing at all like New England's terrain, where I live. Because of an unusual snowstorm which dumped a lot of snow in Sedona a few days before I arrived, the roads were closed. Fortunately, by the time I left Scottsdale and headed for Sedona, enough melting had occurred so that the roads were open again.

While I was in Sedona, I went on a Pink Jeep Tour and among the spectacular stops was the Chapel of the Holy Cross

The sculptor of the 33' crucifix within this chapel is by James Muir. I was so impressed by this sculpture that I looked up more information about this artist, and found that a lot of his sculptures (much smaller in size!) could be found at the Goldenstein Gallery in Sedona. 

I stopped in this gallery, and emerged two hours later after speaking with Kayla Clements, a sales associate, and Sherab "Shay" Khandro, an artist in residence at the Goldenstein Gallery so inspired by our conversations about so many things. 

It's one thing to go to a gallery or a museum, and look around at the work that is there. That can be insightful, educational and interesting. It's quite another thing when you get the chance to really talk to artists, curators, and people whose very souls reside in the artistic world. 

I came away from that trip, and that experience in the gallery, a richer person and artist. In the fall, my studio door will be open to you and all those who are interested in visiting artists in their places of work during the Arbor Arts Center Open Studio, and Open Studio Hartford. (See the Events page for dates and details.)

If you've attended Open Studio Hartford in the past, you know that this is a much different experience than the typical "holiday market." At these Open Studio venues there's a more intimate atmosphere to get to know the artist's experience and process in their creations. 

I moved into my studio just in time to be a part of the Open Studio Hartford last year, and it was such a gratifying, exhilarating experience. I had so many wonderful, deep conversations with fellow artists and folks who were interested in my work and how it is done. 

I invite you to come to these events, (and of course stop by my studio!) and dive into the world of your favorite artists. It's a wonderful community, fueled by curious people like you. We love telling our stories and sharing our visions, so come on by! 

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