Writing Instruments Resource Page

Below are some helpful suggestions for changing refills, cartridges or leads by pen type. Refills are available by clicking on the links. Please contact us with any questions.

Pen/Pencil Type Refill Instructions
Slim Cross Pull off top barrel and twist out refill
Designer Cross Pull off top and unscrew refill
Executive Parker Unscrew top and pull out refill
Wall St. II Parker Pull off top and unscrew refill
Atlas Parker Unscrew nib and remove refill
Mini Sketch Pencil lead Push cap tip down to open collet to release lead or advance it. Cap screws off to become a sharpener.
Arete Fountain cartridge Unscrew nib to remove cartridge.
Hart Parker Screw off barrel and pull out refill
Big Wig Parker Screw off cap and pull out refill.