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Writing Instruments Resource Page

Below are some helpful suggestions for changing refills, cartridges or leads by pen type. Refills are available by clicking on the links. Please contact us with any questions.

Pen/Pencil Type Refill Instructions



Pull off top barrel and twist out refill

Designer Cross Pull off top and unscrew refill
Executive Parker Unscrew top and pull out refill
Wall St. II Parker Pull off top and unscrew refill
Atlas Parker Unscrew nib and remove refill
Birds Parker Tiwist upper barrel to the left to unscrew upper barrel. Unscrew black piece if it's visible (It may be in the cap). Pull refill out. When replacing refill, put spring back with the tapered end on refill first. (Thicker end towards the tip of the pen). Put barrel back on and test to see if refill is extending and retracting as it should. Sometimes you may need to put barrel back on with a slightly different rotation. 
Celtic Pen Parker Unscrew the tip of the pen. Take out refill, making sure to keep the spring. Put the spring on the new refill and insert it into the pen. Screw the tip back in place.
Mini Sketch Pencil lead Push cap tip down to open collet to release lead or advance it. Cap screws off to become a sharpener.
Sketch Pencil


colored lead

Push cap tip down to open collet to release lead or advance it. Cap screws off to become a sharpener
Aromatherapy Parker Screw off top and pull out refill. To change wicks, screw off cap and insert. 
Perfume/Essential Oil Applicator Pen

Loading the Applicator with Perfume or Essential Oil

• Dip the applicator tip while in the pen, into the perfume bottle and hold it for one minute. This will soak up the perfume. The white applicator tip will swell and stay in place when filled with liquid.

• Before refilling the pen, clean applicator tip by soaking it in household type alcohol.