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The Purple Mountain Collection

a new jewelry collection inspired by nature


Flower Essences

Usually I post collections which I have created, but in these changing and somewhat scary times, I want to share the beautiful work of Alaskan Essences and Jane Bell Essences. These products are like old friends to me, and I love them so much I became a distributor. I used them extensively when I did massage work, and I still keep them handy for any kind of circumstance that comes along.

In spray form or drops, these blends can help you when used in your home, work space, your drinking water or wherever or however you could use a bit more grounding, open-heartedness, or a sense of ease in troubled times.  

I invite you to explore these beautiful and extraordinary products.

For the month of April, buy one from this collection, and get the 2nd one at 20% off.
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