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Gift Ideas for May

We've brought together a few pieces from our customers' favorite collections just in time for this gift-giving month! Whether it's something special for your mom, a graduate, or one of the many local heroes, you'll find something here that's just right! 

And remember, we now have downloadable gift cards for our shop so they can choose their favorites!

Spalted Maple Bottle Stopper

Perfect for Bourbon, Scotch and other spirits. With 5 nitrile O-rings, this stopper fits just about every liquor bottle while providing a superior seal. The solid FDA Food Compliant Stainless Steel 304 18-8e and FDA compliant Nitrile O-rings means you are protected from oxidation and corrosion. 

Beautifully marked yellow spalted maple. Hand-turned by Spirited Touch Designs. 

Spalted Maple Bottle Stopper

Sewing Handle - Purple Swirls

Purple and white swirls with a glass-like shine! 

Choose the component(s) from the Sewing Tools section that you would like to receive with this handle.

The seam ripper blades, stiletto and the crochet hooks fit into this handle, and each can be inverted and stored within the handle for safekeeping as shown in the photo.

Sewing Tool Handle - Purple Swirls

Coffee Scoop with Pine Cones

This 24K gold coffee scoop is a great handmade gift for the coffee lover. This two tablespoon size makes it super easy to measure the perfect cup every time!

This scoop is made with a block with orange and white resing with pine cones!

Coffee Scoop - Pine Cones

Sewing Tools

a brand new "build your own" sewing tools collection!