Happy Summer!

What we do at Spirited Touch Designs

We love to take the things of everyday life and turn them into inspiring works of art! Coffee scoops, pens, bar tools and more, we love to bring beauty and inspiration into your world.

Using primarily a lathe to handcraft our pieces, we use resin, wood and other materials to bring bring color, nature and shine to the things you use every day. In these challenging times we need beauty around us to remind us of the good things. We hope you'll feel inspired by our collections shown below.

Bar Tools

Get the party started with these collections of bottle stoppers, bottle openers and bottle stopper/corkscrew combos!

Bring on the joy of the season with these favorites. Great for that last minute gift for the party host. Bring it with their favorite bottle of wine!

Check them out here.

Pens and Pencils Collection

Write in Style!

We are proud to show you our new hand-turned pens made from quality materials including resin and woods.

You'll feel much more creative when you use our pens in every day use!

Choose from a variety of styles, from Celtic to Birds, and the newest, Botanical (shown here). Guaranteed to fit the special tastes and interests of anyone on your list, including YOU!

See the entire collection here.

Coffee Scoops!

Two tablespoons of beauty! These scoops are the perfect gift for any occasion, but especially housewarmings. These will brighten anyone's morning! Visit the collection of dazzling colors and designs, and brighten up your morning!

See the whole collection here.



Pendulums are beautiful and powerful tools that can aid in the development of our intuition. Generally, we use a pendulum to ask a “yes” or “no” question, and depending on the swing of the pendulum, we can determine the answer.

Pendulums can be made of any material, but our pendulums are made with wood and/or resin, natural elements, and sometimes inlays or gemstones, and are attached to a nickel-free chain.

Visit the collection (so far!) here.

Flower Essences

While not made by us at Spirited Touch Designs, we are proud to carry both the Jane Bell Essences and Alaskan Essences. These are very powerful and beautiful "essences" made with the elements of Mother Nature herself, and available as stock drops or as room sprays with luscious essential oils.

These very special essences will make great and memorable stocking stuffers. We also carry gift sets from Jane Bell and Alaskan Essences.

All Essences are 10% off!!!

You might also be interested in our new Pendulum Collection.