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About Marilyn

Before creating Spirited Touch Designs, I was a licensed massage therapist. Being trained and having a practice in massage therapy for over twenty years, I am drawn to all things tactile and visual (especially colorful and shiny!).

Believe it or not, working with gourds, resin, wood, fabric and all of the elements of my designs, has a lot to do with massaging people! Both the world of massage and art require a keen eye and a sense of what’s happening almost on the molecular level, just under the surface.

I love the feel of a muscle relaxing and yielding under my hands the same way I love how a rough surface becomes polished and smooth after multiple passes with finer grits of sandpaper.

Both worlds emerge, also, with the inspiration of an approach or an idea that only seems to happen when I “listen” on a deeper level, and allow that process to emerge. I listen for what my client’s tissues want in the moment. I listen to what that piece of material has inside it to become.

When an idea or design comes to me, I love the process of moving from idea to creation. I  have a curious mind and enjoy this process of discovery.

I spend more of my time and energy now as an artist than as a massage therapist, but still deeply love the connection between me and the “recipient” of that process.

When I am showing and selling my work at a craft show, there is no greater joy than watching someone looking at my pieces, and seeing a smile spread across their face, knowing that they’ve connected with that same energy that was there when I created it. Connection and resonance.

It is my sincere hope that you will find a connection with my work as well, and that you will experience that same kind of resonance of something unique, hand-crafted and brought into the world with love and energy, for a special place it your beautiful world.

You may reach me at marilyn@spiritedtouch.com or at 860.985.0563.

- Marilyn


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