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Alaskan Essences - Go-Create Abundance Spray 2oz

Alaskan Essences - Go-Create Abundance Spray 2oz

Alaskan Essences
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Go-Create is an abundance spray that supports alignment with your true desires.

** Excellent for artists! ***

Feel the support of the Universe, feel worthy, let go of limiting beliefs and allow more joy in your life. Spray whenever you want to ignite inspiration and feel empowered in your capacity to create. Use it in your home, office, studio or during meditations, classes and workshops.

The essential oils used in the spray are Rosemary, Coriander, Bulgaria Lavender, Laurel, and Fresh Ginger. These refreshing oils are well known for their ability to support self-esteem, inner fire, enthusiasm and creative boldness, liberating you from doubts about your ability to manifest a flowing abundant life.

So spray your studio, your creative space and yourself! You will feel the difference!