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Alaskan Essences - Guardian Sacred Space Spray 2oz
Alaskan Essences - Guardian Sacred Space Spray 2oz

Alaskan Essences - Guardian Sacred Space Spray 2oz

Alaskan Essences
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Alaskan Essences Guardian Spray creates a powerful force-field of protection in your aura. It invokes positive, harmonious energies that help you claim your energetic space, maintain your grounding and feel the protection of strong, healthy boundaries.

Use Guardian when you:
- Are over-reacting to influences in your environment
- Are ambivalent about being present in your body and on the Earth because you don't feel safe or protected
- Work around computers and other electromagnetic equipment or in a toxic environment
- Have a tendency to take on or absorb the thoughts and emotions of others
- Are unable to embody your sensitivity because of a lack of boundaries
- Are doing healing work that requires you to be in the working, living or personal energy space of your clients
- Want to bring more strength and definition to your aura

The Guardian Spray can be sprayed to those areas of the body that need extra protection, or into a room where protection and support are needed. You'll be in the midst of a wonderful, soothing aroma and a calm, beneficial influence. It really works.

Guardian also contains the essential oils of Himalayan Ceder, Lime, Litsea Cubeba, Melissa, and Tangerine. These oils enhance the protective and grounding qualities of the essences and add uplifting notes of joy and playfulness.

2 oz. Cobalt Spray Bottle