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Alaskan Essences - Easy Learning Focus & Integration Spray 2oz
Alaskan Essences - Easy Learning Focus & Integration Spray 2oz

Alaskan Essences - Easy Learning Focus & Integration Spray 2oz

Alaskan Essences
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 Alaskan Essences Easy Learning Focus & Integration Spray

The Easy Learning Spray facilitates all aspects of the learning process for both children and adults. (It also works on pets who are in training!)

It works on 3 levels. The first is to strengthen your focus so you can pay attention without being distracted by what is going on around you. The second is to increase your ability to increase your ability to integrate information, thereby increasing understanding and the logical application of knowledge. And the third is to provide your capacity to allow higher frequencies of thought into your learning process.

This spray is helpful for:
- Studying and preparing for tests and exams
- Activating interest in new subjects and ways of learning
- Dissipating mental confusion and increasing clarity and alertness
- Those who have a tendency to get overwhelmed from too much input
- Those who are easily distracted and find it difficult to concentrate
- Increasing the capacity to integrate intuitive thought processes into practical application and implementation
- Increasing the retention of information from reading and listening to lectures

Use Easy Learning Spray to refresh, clear, and focus the energy wherever learning is taking place, including dorm rooms, classrooms, and the study area at home.

This spray contains organic essential oils of Basil, Coriander, Fresh Ginger, Laurel, Lemon, Rosemary, and Spearmint. These bright and refreshing oils are well known for their ability to enhance memory and mental focus, relieve mental fatigue, and promote inspiration.

2 oz. Cobalt Spray Bottle