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Alaskan Essences - Animal Care Rescue Spray 2oz
Alaskan Essences - Animal Care Rescue Spray 2oz

Alaskan Essences - Animal Care Rescue Spray 2oz

Alaskan Essences
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Alaskan Essences Animal Care Rescue Spray

This spray is particularly helpful for rescued and injured animals, especially when they are behaving aggressively. Animal Care Spray can be misted around the animal, on its bedding and in its immediate environment.

Use Animal Care for domestic animals who live in a large cities, are restricted from normal contact with nature, and are alone for much of the day; have been voluntarily given up to an animal shelter because their owners could no longer care for them; have been abandoned and rescued off the streets; or have lived in toxic or abusive environments.

Animal Care may also be used for wild animals who are brought to a clinic because they have been injured or their habitats have been damaged or destroyed; are agitated, irritated and exhibiting aggressive behavior; or have lived in pet shops and subsequently, in the homes of people.

Animal Care Spray will be most valuable when it is included in the initial care provided for any animal who arrives at a shelter, treatment center, clinic, or sanctuary.

This spray also contains a very small amount of two high quality organic essential oils: Lemon Grass and Roman Chamomile. These oils enhance the calming effects of the essences in the formula and add their refreshing qualities to the spray.


2 oz. Cobalt Spray Bottle