Mother's Day is Coming!


We know how much you love sewing. And, like all creative types, we love having inspiration around us all the time. So why not be inspired by your sewing tools?

Ditch that old plastic seam ripper and get into a beautifully crafted tool that you design yourself! We've created an assortment of sewing tool handles, to which you can add seam rippers, needle threaders, stilettos and crochet hooks! 

We've also heard from some of our more "seasoned" customers that these handles make sewing and crocheting so much easier because they accommodate arthritic hands.

Go to the Sewing Tools - Handles page and choose the style you like. On each handle's product page you'll see links to all of the components you can add. Choose as many as you'd like! (You can never have too many, right?)

And be sure to check out our Mini ScissorsNew ones just in!